General information

tactical-board.com - online tactical board for more than 15 different sports (football, basketball, hockey, handball and others). There is a possibility to use blank board without marking. For most sports, there are available 3 views: horizontal, half, vertical. To change a sport - use left-side menu (click "Menu" button in the top left corner to open menu).

You are provided with a set of big and small chips of different colours with a possibility to set a chip's name - for this use mouse right click (or long touch in mobile devices). For big chips there is also a possibility to change its "number" (not only "name"). You can rotate the chips, to do this, click on the chip with the mouse and use the rotation icon. To cancel the rotation, right-click on the chip (or long touch in mobile devices) and click on the menu item "Cancel rotation". More details about chips rotataion, watch the video on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/6Rh4ifIAOBE. Big chips are usually used as players on the board.

Besides chips you can draw different shapes (rectangles, ellipses, lines, arbitrary areas, texts). More details about shapes drawing watch on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/6c2kIHPW81I.

Main site features:
  • Scheme creating - you can create a scheme of a training or some game situation. A scheme can be saved as a picture, and also you can get and share a link to your scheme. A scheme's link is actual for 6 months from the date of last usage (for example, a link was got 2 months ago, and it was used today last time, this means your link will be actual next 6 months). More details about scheme creating watch on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/z6TRxYPdt9s.
  • Animation creating - you can create an animation with a possibility to get and share a link to your animation. An animation's link is actual for 6 months from the date of last usage. A link is assigned to a constant animation: this means, if you opened an animation by link, and then you edited this animation (using "Edit" button), you need to get a new link for the edited animation. More details about animation creating watch on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/BokdVrInw-8.
  • Conference creating - you can create an online conference for synchronous discussing of your tactics with several members. More details about conference creating watch on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/6DKGTfewtlo.
Scheme creating
Animation creating
Conference creating
Shapes drawing